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Home of the only SPARC powered Pleroma instance on the public fediverse

Figured I would finally make a personal site.. Soon there will be links here to services the Corginet provides!

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A list of services provided by the Corgi herself

Commiespace The Place for Comrades! The only SPARC powered Pleroma instance on the entire fediverse.
Corgi's Blog My personal blog where I will post more than just tankie shitposts.
The list is growing! Expect more soon!


Every personal website needs a links page right?

Links to non-Corginet services will go here!

About the Corginet

Why make one of these?

The Corginet is a place for me to connect all of my different projects, websites and services that I administrate. It's hosted from my home lab, 7 feet away from where I sleep.
The primary server hosting this site is a SPARC Enterprise T4-1 running OpenBSD as an LDOM host. I'm quite proud of my lab setup and try to advocate for homelabbing as a hobby.
I'm often seen around the Fediverse, either on my main account or my blog. Make an account and say hi to me :)