Revolt is an open-source alternative to Discord

@yogthos Does it have voice chat?

@Roboron yup, here's the roadmap and implemented features

@yogthos does it have bot api?

@JoseMariaHdz not sure on that one

@yogthos Does it have users? 😁

@radjah stuff like discord is more about making small private communities with your friends I find :)

@yogthos Sounds great, but who's on it that I want to talk to? Also, "privacy-first" is a noble approach to software, but if privacy is first, then that means the intended purpose for the user (in this case communicating with specific people) is a secondary feature.

@eviloatmeal there are different aspects to privacy, so context is important. The problem with stuff like Slack or Discord is that the company server has access to to your chats. Revolt addresses that problem since you can spin up your own and know exactly who your circle of trust is.

@yogthos I'll be giving this a shot

@yogthos why not just improving Matrix and creating a client that looks like discord for Matrix??

@moshtodon building on top of Matrix probably would've been better, not sure what the rationale for not basing it on Matrix was.