get owned crypto nerds

yeah a judge is surely gonna hear you out when u say your internet picture got stolen or something

@a_rock based grifter

@a_rock like the grift is so good here he gets an artist to draw some monkeys being cool put them on the blockchain take their money and just dip what an unironic alphachad I stg

2.7 million for jpegs

[getting scammed for 2 million dollars]
actually, this is good for the community

@a_rock oh no, my JPEGGS

@a_rock oh no my jpeg

digitally scarce

i have invented a way to introduce scarcity to jpgs!
[the jpg is cached locally on billions of machines]
ah well, nevertheless

2.7 million worth of jpegs has bought me tons of laughs at no direct cost to me, at least

@fenix i think these sorts of things are put together picrew style, randomly iirc