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Bush did 9/11
I'll probably talk a lot about linux shit here

#Debian #Gentoo #Void #OpenBSD #FreeBSD #Illumos #NetBSD

This instance is powered by SPARC technology, and as far as my current knowledge, is the world's only fediverse instance to be self-hosted on such hardware!

I'm also on misskey where i'll probably tend to post slightly less provocative things. Anything NFSW will be cw'd anyways

more things
the supreme court is undemocratic

Americans aren't supposed to vote on president

if communism doesn't work why does your government spend so much to stop communist countries?

things your government doesn't want you to know
intellectual property doesn't exist

the government is lying about 9/11

China won the cold war

The Soviet Union was a sabotaged experiment, not a failed one

The US government has no autonomy and is a dictatorship of a few rich guys who pick the president every year. Your votes don't matter

i love how it's a forum built around making fun of lulcows inhabited entirely by lulcows

i stg kiwifarms is like somebody took all the tripcode posters from 4chan and gave them their own forums and fediverse instance.

like try building a community that's actually decent instead of having 4chan with egos

they're probably not even getting ddos'd just his shit infra can't handle all of the requests after the media attention

I love how null wants to complain about getting ddos'd like there are consequences to free speech

i think that's how they get people too. When you've invested so much time and money into something, you'll believe anything to make it seem like it wasn't a waste. Even to the level of believing in tortured alien souls and Fascist alien dictator Xenu

like that's the thing about scientology. Every other religion tells your it's craziness up front. "Hey, I believe my guy created the world in 7 days and made woman from your rib then flooded the whole world except two of every species on the planet all on one boat." You just *know* this crazy shit about Christianity. Or even the weirder things pagan beliefs tend to follow, although it's rarely as insane as Christianity. But Scientology comes out with this Xenu shit and they only open it up to people who would feel like COMPLETE idiots to have spent money on that.

i'm sorry but like the internet is made to make fun of scientology

dumb paranoid boomers yanno? How could we not?

like i always make fun of christians but let's make fun of the xenu people rq

like who the fuck is an actual scientologist though? literally who tf believes in that shit? There's not a random pagan belief that sounds more fitting to you than Xenu is comin for ur thetans?

my man xenu would be SO upset

no fr though imagine being a scientologist unironically

tell me you're gullable without telling me you're gullable

i heard they dont let italians get medical licenses so thats why i go to see Dr. Mario and support small businesses

It's finally here, the Samsara sequel you've been waiting for. We call it Wandr and it's changing the way sentient beings suffer. Set to emerge during the next yuga, here are some features you can expect:

  • Pretas are bonier, spookier, give more backstory during interactions
  • Tepid and lukewarm hells rather than just hot/cold
  • Deva realm balance patch to be just slightly more annoying, giving a small buff to escape attempts, while remaining unlikely
  • As requested, capitalism will be built-in
  • Porn blockers mandatory, will give useless mindfulness tips
  • Motion blur permanently set to on, everywhere, for everything, all the time
  • Atmospheric tight focus will be extremely tight; everything besides the object you're looking directly at may as well be behind a fogged-up shower door
  • Inception noises come standard, sensory overload now includes neurotypicals
  • More white guys with stylized flat graphical avatars of their bearded faces. Like, a lot more.

Wandr: A New Way to Suffer

sensitive media
The Onion listicle: Signs You Definitely Smoke Too Much Weed
sensitive media
Adventure Time Tattoo
It's time to claim back some self-respect.

gotta go my ride's here

a trailer truck side sign that reads "swagtrans"

@a_rock like the grift is so good here he gets an artist to draw some monkeys being cool put them on the blockchain take their money and just dip what an unironic alphachad I stg